MollySilver – Evil Queen Always Gets What She Wants

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Some call me the “evil queen”, but I just know what I want, and I always get it. As soon as I found out that the little bitch Snow White was considered the fairest in the land, I had no choice but to send for her heart. My loyal huntsman was dispatched to take care of the errand for me, and soon he returns with her heart to prove she’s gone. I’m thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed with the news when he returns, and I touch the heart, knowing that now I’m returned to the status of the most beautiful in all the land. Touching the heart brings out my lust, squeezing and grabbing this most precious object. Rubbing it on my body will make me younger and more beautiful, I believe, and in a demented fury I lick it, savoring the demise of my enemy. I get so aroused that I rub it all over my tits and pussy. The huntsman is watching, and I ask if it made him hard to do it. I tell him that I may have need of his services later tonight in my chamber, but then decide that I need some cock right now. I ask if he wants to suck on my nipples, and of course, he won’t disappoint his queen. He rubs his cock on Snow White’s heart. Such a reward for doing an evil deed