Mrs Mischief – Fuck for Your Allowance

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It’s that time of year again, son…winter chores. I know how much you hate the cold – shoveling snow, splitting wood – but you’re the man of the house, so to speak, so it falls to you.

Besides, in spite of how much you protest when it’s time to earn your allowance, I know for a fact that you’re a very energetic boy. Aren’t you tired? You fucked that little slut girlfriend of yours for hours last night…

That’s right, I saw it all…I saw you going down on that girl for over forty minutes…you fucked her for hours, son. Hours! So don’t try to convince mom that you have no energy.

I’m going to make this really simple for you, baby…your new winter chore is going to be keeping mom satisfied…sexually. You’ll be inside, where it’s all warm and toasty, and all you have to do to earn you allowance is make mommy cum like you did that girl, last night.

I can tell you’re shocked, son…but your dick is straining against your pants…so get down here in front of mommy, and lick my pussy.

Mm-hmm, baby…lick mommy’s pussy through my pantyhose…feel the nylon on your tongue. Let mom take these off, so you can slide your tongue over my lace panties…just one layer of fabric between me and my son’s mouth. Now I’ll slide off my panties, so you can bury your tongue deep in my wet, waiting pussyhole…taste mommy’s wetness…lick it up.

I can’t take it anymore, son…get over here and fuck your mother! Plunge your cock into mommy’s pussy…mmm, yes…fuck me doggystyle, son. Make your mother cum…! That’s it, baby….fuck me just like that…I can feel you getting harder…throbbing…do it, baby! Cum inside your mommy’s pussy….mm-hmm….fuck yes, baby…fill mommy up!What a hard worker you are, baby…bring me my wallet and I’ll give you your allowance. But don’t go far – your winter chore will be waiting for more