NaughtyBoyPOV – Ophelia Rain – Interactive Fuck Doll

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The latest most interactive Fuck Doll model (played by Ophelia Rain) was available as a prototype. This model has superior interactive artificial intelligence than the last one I bought. So, I took this new model home and stored it in the closet until I had some time to fully enjoy it, and break it in. Once I had time, I turned it on by touching the Fuck Doll’s private parts, which then prompts her into sexual action and satisfaction. First, we have to show the Fuck Doll who is boss, so she gets a little spanking over my knees. Then, this little Fuck Doll impressed right away by saying all the right things like, “whatever you want,” and “yes sir,” sensing exactly what it is that you want and need. She also takes direction very well, providing whatever she’s told to do. So, sit back and watch the Fuck Doll please you by sucking cock in three different POV angles; fucking in four positions, and taking a huge cum shot to the face and mouth, which the Fuck Doll enjoys and happily swallows. Then, its back to the closet until next time. Shoot Notes: This is actually the second Fuck Doll scene in this series, which I shot after the scene with Melanie Hicks, and before the Jemma Valentines scene. Also, Ophelia puts on a terrific performance as the Fuck Doll!

About NaughtyBoyPOV

My scenes are classier and more respectful than most producers. You will not hear me calling the ladies a whore, slut, bitch, cunt, etc., and you will not see me roughing them up either. I've always hated cocky, arrogant guys in scenes too, so you'ill see none of that here. Also, no extreme face fucking, girls eating my ass, or incest themed content. Come here for high quality classic POV sex scenes for gentlemen. I believe the lady is the show, and I hope you enjoy my hot videos and cum shots

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