Olivia Rose – Maid To Trample

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Maid Olivia has some dusting to do in order to get ready for her boss’s halloween party. Her boss is such a kinky woman that she has set up a human carpet right in front of the fireplace where maid Olivia is supposed to be dusting. She steps on the man rug in her tiny stiletto heels. She walks on him unaware, as if he isn’t even in the room. The carpet, who should be seen, and not heard, puts up a bit of a struggle as Olivia’s tiny pin-like heels stab into his stomach and crotch, making him jerk. Maid Olivia’s boss, hearing the bad rugs painful cries, decides to check on Olivia’s work. She steps on the rug, all 275 lbs of her amazon self, to inspect. She notices some work that still needs to be done and steps off the rug. Annoyed, Olivia steps back on the rug, with her stilettos and continues dusting, digging her heels in out of frustration. When she thinks it’s dusted enough, she steps off and walks away, leaving the rug full of painful heel marks.

About Olivia Rose

Crazy Fetish model and Domme here to blow your mind!
*2012 FNI Award Winner
*Published Pinup Model
*As seen on 60SecDocs
*Written About In NYMag and Medium.com

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