Olivia Rose – Mini Candy Cane Dick

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What is that thing? I know you dragged me away from this holiday party to show me your “big candycane”, but you can’t seriously think that is huge?! That has to be the smallest dicklette ever. You know what is the more appropriate size candy cane likeness to your clitty dick? This tiny miniature candy cane! That’s right, your dick is this small. It is so pathetic! How can you even want to show anyone that tiny thing?! Ha ha! Small mini candy cane dick loser, that’s what you are!

About Olivia Rose

Crazy Fetish model and Domme here to blow your mind!
*2012 FNI Award Winner
*Published Pinup Model
*As seen on 60SecDocs
*Written About In NYMag and Medium.com

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