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We’ve all had fantasies while doing our normal daily routine. Like when you see a gorgeous woman in a low cut dress sitting across from you in the waiting room… now imagine, if in between all of your nasty thoughts of her begging you to jerk off all over her big tits right there, you could hear her thoughts? “Is he staring at my tits?” “I can see his boner through his pants!” “I wonder what he’s thinking about…” What other things will she think and do while you’re obviously checking her out? Both of your thoughts and fantasies run parallel as you watch each other from across the room in this sexy entertaining spin on the waiting room wait NO LONGER ON TWITTER AS @PiperKushXX MY NEW TWITTER HANDLE IS @MissPiperKush FOLLOW ME xo

About Piper Kush

I'm the girl your Mom warned you about! Whether you need some company or just a bad influence, I'm the kinky Switch of your dreams!

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