PrincessDi – The Little Match Girl

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Lighting up wooden matches and then blowing them out. I play with 17 matches total. I light one match at a time and a few times I light two matches together to make a bigger flame. You can hear the matches being lit and when I blow them out you can hear me as I breathe out and put out the flame. Match number 17 I light it up and then let it burn almost all the way down to the end of the match stick and then blow it out before it can burn my fingers. Lots of close up sounds of the match box, lighting of matches, blowing fire out, breath sounds, hand movements and fingers close up and close up face lipstick views. Eye fixation as I look at you when I am about to blow out the matches.

About PrincessDi

I am a sexy naughty Latin Goddess. I love to tease that dick of yours. I cater to many fetishes, not just findom, just ask Email: [email protected]

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