Raven_Winter – Giant Sneezing Fit, Dressed in My Cute M

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Well this has to be the worst sneezing outbreak in a long time, allergies, gosh I dont know. All I know is I started getting all dressed up nice and sexy so I could go out tonight. Instead, as I want to touch up my hair and makeup, I can’t stop sneezing and blowing my nose, sounds like a fog horn. Then to boot, my eyes start tearing, I have to keep wiping my teary eyes during my sneeze fit and wipe off all my makeup. Now my eyes are teary, no more eyeliner and my face and nose are bright red for blowing my nose and sneezing. Major sneezing!!!

About Raven_Winter

I am your average soccer mom and naughty girl on the side. I am a cam girl, and also sell my clips! I do take custom requests and love to get into some crazy fetishes with you guys. Always ask me, and I can tell ya if it's something I do.

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