Roxy Cox – Succubus Feeds On Growing Dick

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Succubus Roxy is on the hunt undercover hiding her Succubus form. She found herself a new victim, his smell tells her it is some virgin cock, her favorite. She lures her pray in her Apartment, demands that he removes his pants. Then she sees why he is a virgin, he has the smallest cock she ever saw. Of course she is here for her dose of semen, (Succubi feed on semen) but she thought she could have some fun too. Roxy starts to licks the cock and demands that he finally cums but it is only a few small drops in her mouth. The taste is marvelous but it is way to few, to get full. She gets angry towards him, she has had enough. Roxy drops the act her horns start to show, she explains him that she feeds on cum and that he can’t leave until she is full. Normally she does not reveal herself, but with this meager drops of cum she is not satisfied. She also tells him that now that she is in her real form her salvia has some unique features. If in contact with a male the male balls starts to produce semen like crazy also the cock starts to grow. Roxy gives the micro cock another blowjob with alot of spit. In seconds the dick grows and gets rock hard. The Succubus starts blowing the “new” cock, deepthroating and gagging on it. Her hands massaging the balls, she tells him that she can feel his balls growing and swelling. Roxy demands he cums and give her that dose of semen she craves. She can almost feel the cum sloshing inside his balls. Finally he blasts out a huge load in her mouth and over her face. The Succubus plays with her food, her sense of smell did not disappoint her, even if she had to help in a bit. Showing him her mouth full of cum, blowing bubbles and playing with it. Normally she leave after a load of cum, but not this time. He knows her secret and he has some top tier cum. She decides to stay and milk him dry. She starts to explain to him what is gonna happen to him, while she removes her clothes. His balls won’t stop producing cum until he is completely dry or dies, but at this point he should be too horny to run away. He just wants fuck and cum. While she starts to ride him she explains further, the pussy of a succubus whole purpose is only to extract cum. A Succubus can control every muscle inside her pussy, the feeling can’t be compared to a human pussy. It is like you get fucked by the tightest pussy in the world while someone gives you a handjob while licking the tip of your cock. After some riding he cums inside of the demon. The Succubus lays on her back playing with her pussy and the cum while further explaining the unique features of the Succubus body. A Succubus does not need to feed the cum through her mouth she can eat it with every hole, her whole body is made to extract cum. While she puts two fingers in her pussy and masturbates with sloppy sounds she tells him, that his cock is not bad for a mortal. It would be fun to see how long he can last. Roxy prepares her ass with her fingers, she explains what is unique about a succubu…

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Hey 🙂

I'm an Irish/British model currently living in London. I'm into just about everything & cover every fetish imaginable 🙂
I've got a sexy Irish accent, big tits 30GG's, slim figure with curves in all the right places 😉

Love making custom videos! Stretching with toys, a real squirter & I love roleplaying.

I've got a pro setup with over 100+ Sex Toys! Ultra-Clear 4K source with Six Cams/Angles Incl 20x Zoom/POV so you know your getting some top quality videos & photos.

Roxy xXx

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