RussianBeauty – Fuck me , my husband dont want me pregna

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Customer wrote: So you’re the girlfriend of a friend of mine and I’m staying with you guys for a few days. You come into my room and wake me up. You’re wearing a robe with nothing on underneath. You’re kind of unhappy and telling me my boyfriend won’t have sex with me until I have the baby and I’ve been so horny lately. We keep fighting about it. I don’t know what to do! All i want is to get off really good. You know that I’ve always had a crush on you and have been checking you out even more now that you’re pregnant. So you take off your robe and ask me You like my body like this don’t you? You like my big pregnant belly don’t you. And my boobs and my ass turn you on don’t they? And you turn around and give me a good look. You notice me doing something under the blanket and you pull back the blanket and see me jerking off. You get happy and tell me See you’re jerking off looking at me I knew you had a crush on me! So you tell me that we should have sex. You climb on top of me and put my cock inside your pussy and start riding me. Right away my cock feels so good in your pussy and you tell me how much you love my big cock. You tell me how good it feels to have sex again. You keep bouncing up and down on my cock and you’re feeling so good that you start moaning a little and saying my name. You tell me to rub my hands all over your body and fuck you harder. You’re really getting into it and telling me that you’re going to cum soon. You tell me how you want me to cum too. You tell me its okay to cum inside of you because you’re already pregnant. So you want me to shoot a huge load of cum inside your pussy. You keep bouncing on my cock until you can’t take it anymore and you have a huge orgasm. Then I shoot a huge load of cum inside your pussy. You kind of laugh and tell me how that was so much fun and how good my cock felt in your pussy. You tell me that you feel better now. And then you put the robe back on and tell me that we’ll have to do that again tomorrow

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I want to deepen your addiction to me. I want you to go deeper into submission and truly lose yourself today. I made you the loser that you are today and I love it. It feels so good to worship me. From the moment your very first clip downloaded I have slowly taken control of your mind. Did you really consider that after all these videos you would be totally in love with me and that worshiping me every day was a ritual to you. Customs - welcome! But remember NO NUDITY for Mistress!

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