RussianBeauty – Poping 10 huge balloons by blowing till

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Customer wrote : 10 balloons blowing them up HUGE almost about to the point of popping and then blow up one by mouth with your legs crossed sitting at the edge of the bed or couch and then step to pop it with your feet arched like in the last video! Then blow up another one the same way, but then straddle and grind it until it pops? And finally, pop the remaining balloons by stepping on them with your feet arched like before

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I want to deepen your addiction to me. I want you to go deeper into submission and truly lose yourself today. I made you the loser that you are today and I love it. It feels so good to worship me. From the moment your very first clip downloaded I have slowly taken control of your mind. Did you really consider that after all these videos you would be totally in love with me and that worshiping me every day was a ritual to you. Customs - welcome! But remember NO NUDITY for Mistress!

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