SamanthaStarfish – Blowing Fart Bubbles

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I have such huge, loud farts! I though I would have a little fun and try to blow bubbles with my huge farts! I’ve never done this before but I though it would be a super fun experiment! I had no idea if I could actually blow a bubble with a fart! But it turns out I can! Watch me blow bubbles with my own stinky farts! Surprisingly it actually works! I put the bubble wand right at my asshole and let out a huge fart! My fart creates a dirty, stinky bubble! It’s so much fun! Not all of my farts make bubbles. But I am so gassy I just keep trying! I get so happy and squeal when I make a fart bubble! Watch me be a happy, dirty girl making fart bubbles! Enjoy

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Genuinely and Enthusiastically Depraved

Hi! I'm SamanthaStarfish! I love making dirty butt porn! I specialize in anal gaping, asshole fetish, piggy play, farting, ab/dl, and toilet fetish! My signature giggle and natural exuberance light up my dirty, sinful porn and add joy and pleasure to even the most depraved scenes!

I make amazing CUSTOM VIDEOS! I want to make your fantasy become a reality! Email me: [email protected]

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