SamanthaStarfish – Spaghetti-o’s Up My Ass

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I just made a huge mess stuffing oatmeal up my asshole! Now it’s time to stuff some more food up my butt! Watch me stretch my dirty butthole open with my speculum and pour spaghetti-o’s in my ass! At first they just get all over so I fill an icing bag full of them and squirt the spaghetti-o’s up my hole! Now I get to squirt them all out! Oh wow! Look at the filthy mess I’m making! There’s food everywhere and all over my butt! But it feels so good being a dirty girl and playing with my food! Enjoy

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Genuinely and Enthusiastically Depraved

Hi! I'm SamanthaStarfish! I love making dirty butt porn! I specialize in anal gaping, asshole fetish, piggy play, farting, ab/dl, and toilet fetish! My signature giggle and natural exuberance light up my dirty, sinful porn and add joy and pleasure to even the most depraved scenes!

I make amazing CUSTOM VIDEOS! I want to make your fantasy become a reality! Email me: [email protected]

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