shesleah – Custom Squirting & Milking at Target

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I was on my way to class and had time to burn. It was finals week and I needed to release the tension I had built up from studying for so long. Since I got off at school last week I wanted to play somewhere new. I strategically picked a great parking spot surrounded by cars on all sides and in front of me. I watched as people walked by, got in and out of their cars, and grabbed buggies. I began to strip. My top went the fastest. I had been dying to get out of it all day. My leggings and panties were quick to follow. I hesitated when it came to unlatching my bra. Thoughts raged through my head like, what if you get caught or a kid walks by. I think those thoughts both scared and excited me because I couldn’t stop now I was already getting wet at the thought that at any moment someone could look in my general direction and see my breasts fully exposed and I would only be able to smile. Once my clothes were completely gone I started warming up my pussy. My black dildo worked much better than I expected. I didn’t even have to pull out my back up dildo. I started pre-cumming and each time I pulled the dildo out it was more creamy than the last. I kept playing with my pussy but then started focusing on my breasts. I sucked one so hard that I nearly gave myself a hickey. I let the milk dribble between my clit lips and onto my dildo. It was so warm that I had to do it again. I then needed some refreshing and I began squirting my milk onto my face and in my mouth. I almost couldn’t stop until my pussy started throbbing so hard that I knew it was time to orgasm and let it all go. I began squirting and I felt like I was never going to stop. It must have lasted over 5 seconds of continual squirting before I could catch my breath and lay back and let my body go limp and relax from such a massive orgasm. I finished with more milk of course. I was parched and I only had 15 minutes to get dressed and drive to class and act like I hadn’t just had the best orgasm of the week

About Shesleah

Shes Leah & Lives In Sunshine & Sex. Public Play & Squirting Are My Specialties ~♡X♡X~ Mother of 2.
I lost my virginity at 15 to a military man. I not once touched myself before that day and I became such a sex addict that I never masturbated until I was 18. I didn't have too. I started with the boys in my high school, made my way to the colleges in neighboring towns and once I realized how well I could please myself I took to porn, camming, and video's!

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