SparrowSummers – The Librarian

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Fully clothed Humiliation/Jerk Off instructional. I caught you masturbating in the stacks and now you need to be taught a lesson like the dirty boy you are. You thought you could get away with slinking around the stacks peeping on girls? Please. Now you get to learn what it’s like to be watched

About SparrowSummers

I've gotten up more trouble in the last five years than most people do their whole lives. 😉

I am a kink loving girl who just delights in making fantasies come true! I specialize in fetish work and performance as something of a switch, happy to give as much as I take. I can be seen on other sites doing Pro Fetish Wrestling. When not hard at work I love video games and tabletops, consuming all together too much media, and a wide array of artsy pursuits. I am a confirmed nerd for sure.

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