Stella Liberty – Become Stella Liberty

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Your mistress Star Nine has arranged something very special for you. She knows you love Stella Liberty’s legs and how you have fantasized of being a sexy woman from time to time. She puts a spell on you and you become sleepy. When you wake, you’ve been transformed into the goddess Stella Liberty. You run your long feminine fingers over your shapely nylon legs and revel in the pleasure of being in the perfect body of a goddess. You moan and cry out to mistress Star thanking her for the opportunity to be transformed. You even have Stella’s lovely voice. Star rubs her pretty little nylon feet on your new pussy, making your clit throb with the desire for more. You beg for permission to touch yourself and rub the soft flat area between your legs until you have the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced. You don’t want it to end. But mistress Star reminds you that Stella will surely need her body back and you beg her for any other alternative. She says that you can either have castration or death, and you let her decide for you. What will come next for your feeble little male body? Pehaps you will be well on your way to becoming a woman afterall

About Stella Liberty

Foot fetish specialist. Full time dominatrix. Foot domination, humiliation, joi, cei, lesbian foot worship. Ass worship, giantess, fantasy roleplay. Mommy, Teacher, Sister, Auntie, Brat Girl.

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