Sydney Harwin – Sydney Harwin Takes Your Virginity

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I want tonight to be really special. I’ve been planning it for weeks and I want it to be perfect for you. I know how nervous you are about losing your virginity, but please don’t be… I’m a nervous person too. I’m just so glad you chose me out of all the other girls to have sex with. Just give me a second to get myself ready… You need to jerk for a bit too just to make sure you are as hard as possible for this… I think I should be on top, just so I can take lead… I’m going to sit on your cock now okay? How does that feel for you? Good? Want me to move a little faster now? Yeah? We don’t want you to cum too soon though… Let’s make this last as long as possible and try to cum together? Oh wow, I’m such a lucky girl to be taking your virginity!

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