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Well cause I am a lazy and unorganized bitch I can’t tell you what toy this is cause I am too lazy, unorganized and bitchy to procure the information. But enjoy your Memorial day and this: “Me trying out a vibrator”. Watch out for the sound in the beginning, my audio sucks I am sorry about that too. But rest assured my sound and my sounds {wink wink} get really good in the middle till the end….so at least we have that. I do not cum cause even though that vibrator felt good, I do not normally like vibrators {the reason I don’t sell them and this isn’t sponsored} and it was just too foreign a feeling and I lost the pleasure of it at times….I mean for the most part I felt into it sometimes and not so much other times so it was fun to play with for a bit but I stopped camera, used my fingers, and finished off film truth be told. It was also kinda hard to figure out. So I would recommend playing with your toys before you let your toys play with you. Or the experience can feel much like that of a new or inexperienced and less confident lover. Just a bit of my opinion for your holiday weekend. Okay bye now.

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