YourAsian – Your Lil Sis’ Anal Virginity

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You’re my big brother and I catch you watching me touch myself. It makes me hornier so I tell you to come in and watch me. You get so horny, that you don’t want to just watch, you want more. But we can’t have sex! What if I accidentally got pregnant? You suggest using my little asshole instead. I hesitantly agree…

About YourAsian

Hello my little pumpkins,
allow me to introduce myself, I'm Alice, and like any normal 20-something year old, I love food, puppies, kitties, and traveling. If you were wondering about my username and puzzled as to why I don’t appear wholly Asian, let me give you a hint: yourasian= Eurasian. Yay. You get it now, good for you.
Okay, have a wonderful day now.

p.s. All proceeds go to supporting higher education for meeee. Support ya broke-ass college gurl.

Snapchat: yagurlalice

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